800m² of custom-made construction

Indinox has a service-oriented construction workshop focused on industry, so as to supply non- semi-finished and finished products. Indinox has mastered several types of welding procedures. This leads us to the most suitable (welded) connection for both carbon steel and stainless steel piping systems and constructions. The pros and cons of the different welding techniques are compared, and the welding technique which is best suited to the requirements of the project, is determined.

Indinox specialises in the installation and assembly of skid-mounted units, regardless of the size, type and complexity of the unit.

A large number of engineering firms already rely on the craftsmanship of Indinox for the realisation of their projects. Through close cooperation between mutual product and design specialists, it is possible to jointly transform a project on a drawing into a successfully executed test run in our workshop.

Industriepark Rozen
Spinnerslaan 2
B-9160 Lokeren
Tel.: 09/348 58 52
Fax: 09/349 13 26