Over the years, Indinox has managed to present itself as a reliable partner that does not back away from complex constructions and delivers high quality products.

Through years of experience, we have built up vast expertise so as to help you realise your own designs and ideas. This is why we have our own study and work preparation department. Drawings can be processed in the following formats: dxf, dwg, drg, stp, igs, sxf, sat, ...

Product development, design and architecture

In most cases, design and especially industrial design, has a functional purpose. However, nothing prevents architects and other designers from putting down ideas on paper that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Implementing such ideas in any material is a challenge for us. In collaboration with architects, we can also make a significant contribution to creating designs through our expertise and knowledge of material and our extensive experience.
Our daily tasks include sheet metal and welded constructions in material thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to a maximum of 5 mm, depending on the material to be processed, such as different variants of stainless steel, steel, zincor, plastic and non-ferrous metals.

We use the RADAN program to control the machines for sheet metal fabrication.

Industriepark Rozen
Spinnerslaan 2
B-9160 Lokeren
Tel.: 09/348 58 52
Fax: 09/349 13 26