Turnkey projects/tank farms

High-value turnkey projects

Indinox is a reliable partner for the realisation of Turnkey projects in various fields. Thanks to the high level of expertise and the extensive experience of the Project Department, Indinox can provide solutions for storing, mixing, transporting and dosing powders, granules and liquids.

Our projects are realised in collaboration with the end customer or in joint ventures (e.g. with engineering firms or other companies). Our experienced staff can provide project management, process engineering and implementation.

Are you planning on renewing or expanding your production? Feel free to contact us! Our highly-qualified, safety-conscious and flexible staff guarantees personal contact, and they always work together with you to successfully complete the project.

Project management and validation is carried out by our experienced team of project managers. Projects are drawn up digitally in 2D or 3D. In this preparatory phase, the high degree of automation is an important factor in technically translating the requirements of the customer.

We work with you to find the best solution and provide you with a detailed quote.

Tank Farms

For the storage of liquids and gases in accordance with the current VLAREM II BIS legislation, Indinox possesses the necessary expertise and can offer you total solutions. We also specialise in ensuring that your existing tanks or tank farms comply with this legislation.

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