Indinox specialises in piecework, both small and medium series.

We also have a solution for complex problems. This is because of the extensive experience we have built up over the years. To compile and weld custom-made constructions, we have a large workshop with more than 2000 m² work space at our disposal. We possess the necessary CNC machines for sheet metal work (punch press and press brake), a guillotine shear, a small roller bench, machine tools, experienced welders, fitters and finishers.

Stainless steel products are our speciality and can be supplied in various finishes. Follow-up treatments can be carried out in our workshops: industrial (2B), staining, glass bead blasting, brushing or polishing.

We can also supply semi-finished products such as perforated panels, parts, bending work or wall panels.

Some examples of our achievements:

Stainless steel constructions
Food & pharmaceuticals
  • Transfer benches, shelves and carts
  • Tables and furniture for clean rooms
  • Big bag frames
  • Test tube holders
  • Sinks
  • Custom-made constructions
  • Screens and walls
  • Laminar flow units
  • Air ducts
 Metro stations
  • Balustrades and handrails
  • Paper bins
  • Illuminated advertising panels
  • Supports and poles for validation machines and telephones
  • Furniture for train platforms
Store setup
  • 24 hour shop control panels for issue systems
Industry, Petrochemicals
  • Protective guards for production machinery
  • Special custom-made cabinets for instrumentation
  • Eexp cabinets
  • Consoles for control equipment
  • Components for the finishing of buildings
Constructions in painted steel
  • Equipment housings
  • Doors and panels
  • Parts made according to drawings

Industriepark Rozen
Spinnerslaan 2
B-9160 Lokeren
Tel.: 09/348 58 52
Fax: 09/349 13 26